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WCASA is Wisconsin's only state-wide coalition dedicated to ending sexual violence.

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        Our Mission

        The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault creates the social change necessary to end sexual violence. 

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        Race & Ethnicity


        The act of judging someone or some thing before the facts are known.  Assuming that someone of a specific ethnic group or "race" will act in a particular way is an example of pre-judging them.  When people from different groups have little or no contact with each other, they are likely to hold prejudicial views about each other and to act upon them.  If the prejudicial views are inaccurate, they can be obstacles to productive dialog and understanding.  See Definitions Document.                                       
        – Dr. Dennis O’Neil                                                                     Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College, San Marcos, California                                                                                                   
        The Nature of Ethnicity - course materials: http://anthro.palomar.edu/ethnicity/ethnic_2.htm


        Perhaps the most complex, problematic, and politically charged aspect of our identity is assignment of race or ethnicity.

        Race is a cultural creation; it is not born of biological reality. The sub-division of the human species came about because of the dynamics of power and control and distribution of resources that privileged some and marginalized others. 

        Watch Debunking the Myth of Race

        In America, people born who appear to have white skin enjoy the privilege of being considered the “default” race. People of other races are usually asked to identify themselves in relation to this presumed dominant identity. Part of privilege is not having to think about race, skin color, or the myriad ways in which "white" people are empowered by default. Dominant systems remain in place by virtue of going unexamined.

        Read Everyday Feminism comic: White Privilege, Explained

        Therefore, racial identity presents increased barriers to victims/survivors receiving services; it can also play a role in the perpetuation of myths about the identity of perpetrators.


        Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story 

        Read the Race to Equity Report for Dane County

        Read NSVRC’s (National Sexual Violence Resource Center) statement on Multilingual Access 


        Ethnic Identity Specific Information:


        Additional Resources:

        Language Line SolutionsHelping healthcare, government, insurance, utilities and business entities communicate with their limited English Proficient (LEP) customers in over 200 languages.

        YWCA of Dane County

        Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Report on Immigrant Women [links to SPLC's publications page where the report can be downloaded] 

        SARCC (Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center, Lebanon, PA): Reaching Latino Victims of Sexual Violence Marketing Toolkit 

        Justice Cancelled for Immigrant Women: The folks at the Women’s Justice Center in California have released a resource to help communities understand the impact of immigration policies on victims: What Advocates and Communities Should Know About the New Law Enforcement Immigration Policies and their Effects on Victims of Violence Against Women and Children; you can download the resource here in English - or here en español.

        Know your VISave Your VI is a campaign to raise awareness of students’ Title VI rights. The people behind Save Your VI are a group of primarily mothers of color in Northern California who have personal experience with discrimination in their children’s schools and with the Title VI grievance process.


        Further Reading:

        Q&A: Beyond black and white in Madison’s schools - Feb. 2012

        WCASA responds to Anti-Immigration Legislation proposed by Representative Don Pridemore (R-Hartford) [read more]  2011


        Upcoming Events

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        Statewide & National Events


        Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) Planning


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        > An Intersectional Approach to PREA Advocacy Training Series

        > May 15-18, 2018: Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy School (SAVAS), Weston

        May 16 & 17, 2018: Spring Directors Meeting, De Pere

        > June 7 & 8, 2018:WCASA's Training InstituteKalahari Resort, WI Dells


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        > June 8, 2018: Voices of Courage Awards Luncheon, WI Dells

        > June 22, 2018: Paths to Healing Conference, Madison



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