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WCASA is Wisconsin's only state-wide coalition dedicated to ending sexual violence.

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        Our Mission

        The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault creates the social change necessary to end sexual violence. 

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        dealing with data

        Please refer to the links on the side menu to access the following pages:

        Database Creation

        How to set up a data collection system from three different options


        This program is not free but is widely available

               Epi Info

        Free program for data management and analysis


        Free program for online surveys and data management for up to 10   questions.  Cost for more questions and   options.

        Analyzing Data

        How to analyze quantitative (numbers) and qualitative (words) data


        Analyzing data that involves numbers


        Analyzing data that involves text or words


        Interactive Online Course: Collecting Data (Step 4 from Evaluating Sexual Violence Prevention Programs: Steps & Strategies for Preventionists)