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WCASA is Wisconsin's only state-wide coalition dedicated to ending sexual violence.

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        Our Mission

        The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault creates the social change necessary to end sexual violence. 

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        Resource Center

        The WCASA Resource Center has a wide variety of materials available for use. We are pleased to make these resources available to our members and to all Wisconsin residents. Anyone in the state of Wisconsin may use the materials either by checking them out or by using them at the Resource Center located in the WCASA office.  If you would like to use the Resource Center, we encourage you to contact WCASA to make an appointment.

        Lending Policy - Wisconsin Only

        Although we cannot lend materials outside of Wisconsin, we encourage
        non-Wisconsin residents to use our Catalogue to help identify resources of interest.  Using the bibliographic information (authors, publishers, publication dates), we would suggest contacting your local public library system, the publisher, or your own state sexual assault coalition for help in locating the items you wish to review. 

        Resource Center Catalogue:

        The Resource Center Catalog can be accessed in 2 ways:

          1. You can now search the Resource Center Online Catalogue for materials you need, narrowing your search by using keywords or type of material. 
            For instructions and suggestions, download
            Using the Online Resource Center Catalogue Word Document Icon

          2. You can now request materials via the Resource Center Online Catalogue. 

            Please Note: you must Sign In and have an account on our website to do this.

        Please note that there will be changes on a regular basis as we add new items.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact WCASA.  We would like to know your needs so we can consider them when purchasing new resources. 

        Resource Center Policies:

        Download the Resource Center Policies and Resource Request Form.PDF Icon

        In order to ensure the continued availability of resource materials, we exercise the following policies. BY REQUESTING RESOURCES FROM WCASA, BORROWERS ARE AGREEING TO THESE POLICIES.


        Email via the Online Resource Center Catalogue

        Mail: Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA)
                2801 W. Beltline Highway, Ste. 202
                Madison, WI 53713

        Phone: (608) 257-1516, ext. 114

        FAX: (608) 257-2150

        Email: wcasa@wcasa.org

        There is no cost to borrow materials, but return shipping charges and the insuring of each video for the value of $200.00 is the responsibility of the member.

        Non-members borrowing materials are charged a minimal fee (listed below) to cover our costs. Note that the charge is per order not per item. Payment must be received before materials can be checked out. You may call to receive an invoice if you or your agency so desires. Additional costs include return shipping charges and the insuring of each video for the value of $200.00.

        Cost for borrowed material including DVDs/Videos:
        $7.00 sent by mail 
        $5.00 if picked up at WCASA office

        Cost for borrowed material not including DVDs/Videos:
        $6.00 sent by mail 
        $3.00 if picked up at WCASA office


        * All materials will be due 4 weeks after date of receipt.
        * All material may be renewed for an additional period upon  
          written or verbal request, unless there is a waiting list for the materials.
        * Special lending period needs will be accommodated when possible.


        * There is a limit of 10 resources that may be checked out at one time per 
           agency. AND
        * Number of DVDs/Videos checked out at one time will be limited to 5.
        * Resources will only be shipped within the state of Wisconsin.


        * All resource center materials must be returned to the office in person or via 
          UPS or certified mail.
        * Videos returned via UPS or certified mail must be insured for $200.00 each.


        * All borrowers are responsible for returning materials in the same condition
          as received. Borrowers will bear any costs of repairing or replacing
          resources that have been damaged or lost.


        * No new material may be checked out by the borrower or anyone else within
          the agency until any late materials are returned.
        * If materials are not returned by their due date, WCASA will make contact       via phone calls, Emails, and/or letters. On a case by case basis,      
          WCASA reserves the right to invoice for late charges (totaling no more than   $10.00 per item) and to invoice the borrower for the cost of the materials if   they have been lost.