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WCASA is Wisconsin's only state-wide coalition dedicated to ending sexual violence.

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        Our Mission

        The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault creates the social change necessary to end sexual violence. 

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        Sexual violence impacts individuals, but its root causes are interwoven throughout our entire culture. Therefore, to eradicate violence, we must all evaluate the prevailing language, attitudes, and cultural beliefs about sex, sexuality, gender, and identity.

        For some victims, the impact of an assault is compounded due to the fact that their very identity presents additional barriers to accessing services or receiving compassionate care and assistance. This is a result of existing biases, stereotypes, and the unwillingness of a dominant culture to examine and change long-standing belief systems.

        What is Systemic Oppression? / ¿Qué es la Opresión Sistemá½±tica?


        How We Got Here

        The ALL* Workgroup is a diverse collective of advocates from across the state committed to addressing issues of sexual violence and oppression in Wisconsin. Beginning in 2012, this group has evolved in name and focus, while working to develop and implement a three-year strategic plan (2014-16). 


        Who is ALL*?

        Recognizing and understanding the history of oppression, we are committed to anyone and everyone who has ever been, is, or will ever be affected by any form of sexual violence.


        Strategic Plan

        Focus: How do we advance the change for ALL* populations within WCASA and their partners to ensure diverse needs are met to end sexual violence and oppression?


        Enhanced collective capacity
        Collectively elevated standards
        Expanded meaningful partnerships
        Increased public awareness and enlightenment
        Human-centered services for ALL*
        Explore every aspect of sexual assault
        Data collected and impact assessed


        Generating Innovative Practices & Teachings
        Developing Enriched Connections
        Enhancing Shared Responsibility


        For more information, see the ALL* Strategic Plan Brochure in English and Spanish.

        Upcoming Events

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        2017 Calendar

        Regional TA Info/Trainings


        Film Screenings
        Statewide Events



        > August 22 (4:00pm): Slavery & the making of America (Film Screening in honor of the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Abolition)

        > August 29 (10:00am)
        Grant Writing 101 (held in conjunction with End Domestic Abuse WI)

        > August 29 (2:00pm):  Medical Advocacy Webinar Series: DNA Essentials for Advocates and Survivors

        > August 31: Anti-Oppression: How CCR/SART teams can work to serve the marginalized populations in their communities, Green Bay

        > September 14 & 15, 
        Fall Director's Meeting, Middleton

        > September 19 (4:00pm): La Mitad del Mundo (Film Screening in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month)

        > September 21 (10:00am): 
        Medical Advocacy Webinar Series: Wisconsin Department of Justice SANE Program

        > September 26: SART Foundations & Case Reviews, Marshfield



        WCASA Blog

        WCASA Blog Discontinued…

        We have discontinued our blog. For up to date information, please see the WCASA Voice newsletter.