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WCASA is Wisconsin's only state-wide coalition dedicated to ending sexual violence.

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        Our Mission

        The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault creates the social change necessary to end sexual violence. 

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        Coordinated Community Response

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        The purpose of a Coordinated Community Response Team (CCR) is to provide a multidisciplinary approach and response to issues around sexual assault. The CCR teams can assist service providers and system members in communication, networking, and collaboration, bringing to light gaps in protocols or other services needed to support victims. The team also is a place where members of the community, offender treatment providers, schools, and clergy members work together with system/service providers to discuss sexual assault and its effect on the community, and then equally and collectively participate in developing services, planning events, and creating prevention strategies needed to boost community awareness and decrease sexual violence. 

        While the CCR team has some of the same service/system members as the SART, it is considerably larger and includes other professionals, community members, and stakeholders. Members of a CCR Team may include, but are not limited to:

        • DA
        • SANE nurses/medical personnel
        • Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Advocates
        • Law Enforcement
        • Clergy
        • Business owners
        • School staff
        • AODA counselors
        • Homeless shelter staff
        • Ethnic minority advocates
        • Immigration/Trafficked advocates
        • Representatives from the disabilities and aging network
        • Survivors

        Goals of a CCR Team:

        • Maximize community awareness and safety, protection, and response for victims without the use of case reviews.
        • Ensure a victim-centered response to violence and access to community resources.
        • Hold sex offenders accountable.
        • Include/represent underserved populations affected by sexual assault (ethnic minorities, LGBTQ, older adults, people with disabilities, male victims) to ensure a voice and access to resources.


        CCR Toolkit

        The Wisconsin Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence CCR Toolkit is a comprehensive resource outlining the creation and maintenance of CCR's within your community. It has been updated for 2016.

        Within the state of Wisconsin, libraries are available at both the End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin or WCASA. Books and videos may be borrowed or rented from each coalition. Information is also available on respective coalition websites. Local domestic violence and sexual assault programs often have libraries of tapes and other materials as well. Local programs are an irreplaceable resource for the team.

        Each community is unique and CCR teams are encouraged to use these tools according to the needs of their individual team.  As with other aspects of coordinated community response efforts, the creativity of team members and community resources will give rise to new ideas and responses to issues.  Ideas can be gained from other communities, but the local fingerprint on an idea is unique.

        For information on forming a CCR, please see the CCR Toolkit.

        For more information, please contact WCASA's SART/CCR Coordinator, Darlene Masters.