Presenting Findings

Information on how to choose and present data to stakeholders

Quick Guide Disseminating Program Achievements (Evaluation Brief)
In-Depth Guide Using Graphics to Report Evaluation Results (UW Extension) *Older resource but great starter reference.
Multi-Media Learning Social Math - Bringing Your Program Data to Life (Webinar - TJD & R Resource Center, 8-8-13)
Social Math - Bringing Your Program Data to Life (Webinar Slides - TJD & R Resource Center, 8-8-13)
Potent Presentations Website - includes videos and tools to help improve presentation skills. The Potent Presentations Initiative is sponsored by the American Evaluation Association and focuses on Message, Design, and Delivery.
Tools & Templates Matching Communication Type to Audience (UW Extension)
Communicating Results Worksheet (CDC)
Ensuring Follow-Up Worksheet (CDC)

Program Improvements

How data can be used to inform changes and improve programming

Quick Guide Conclusion: Using Your Evaluation Constructively*
In-Depth Guide
Multi-Media Learning
Tools & Templates Checklist: Ensuring that Evaluation Findings are Used and Sharing Lessons Learned
Linking Findings to Actions Handout (UW Extension)