Action Alert: Tell Your Representative to Vote No on AB 411 and AB 414!

September 27, 2021 — Tomorrow, the Assembly will take up AB 411 and AB 414 on the floor. These harmful bills will prohibit race or sex stereotyping in any anti-racism and anti-sexism instruction/training in K-12 schools and for state/local government employees. However, the language in this legislation is so broad that it will inherently create a chilling effect on offering anti-racism and anti-sexism instruction and training to students and state/local government employees. Now is the time to contact your state Representative to tell them to Vote No on these harmful bills.

Please take the following action today:

  1. Call your state Representative today and urge them to Vote No on AB 411 and AB 414.  You can identify who represents you here.  See below for suggested talking points. 
  • Today I ask Representative _____ to Vote No on AB 411 and AB 414.
  • Anti-racism and anti-sexism are at the heart of sexual violence prevention programming.
  • Social norms that are associated as risk factors for sexual violence include racism as well as beliefs that support male superiority.
  • Anti-racist instruction/training fosters empathy, which is a protective factor for sexual violence, by helping people understand the world from another’s point of view. Anti-sexist instruction/training seeks to counter an individual’s adherence to traditional gender norms, which is a risk factor for sexual violence perpetration.
  • Gender socialization, including rigid adherence to gender roles about masculinity and femininity, is one of the social norms that contributes to sexual violence.
  • The language in this bill is so broad that it will cause schools and state/local governments to refrain from providing anti-racist and anti-sexist instruction and training, which will be extremely detrimental to sexual violence prevention efforts.
  • While racism and sexism are by their very nature uncomfortable topics, that is not a reason to avoid examining their root causes, such as internalized racial and male superiority.