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Contact Senator Johnson Today!!

With action on VOCA anticipated this week on the Senate floor, please contact Senator Johnson with the following message: Support Floor Action on the VOCA Fix this week! Vote yes on final passage of the House-passed VOCA Fix bill, H.R. 1652, and vote no on Senator Toomey’s amendment which would kill the bill. Don’t leave… Read more »

Tell Your Assembly Representative to Vote No on AB 844

February 11, 2020 — Last week, the Assembly Health Committee passed AB 844, despite vigorous opposition by subject matter experts. Today, the Assembly is voting on whether or not to pass AB 844. AB 844 combines language from bills related to Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) processing (AB 214) and the creation of a kit tracking… Read more »

Hold a Hearing on Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Legislation, AB 358

November 4, 2019 — AB 358 was introduced with broad bipartisan support in August. On October 8, the Senate passed this legislation unanimously. The next step is advocating for the Assembly Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee to hold a hearing on AB 358. This legislation allows survivors to anonymously obtain information regarding the location… Read more »