Join the movement to end sexual violence

WCASA is the statewide sexual assault coalition, including a membership comprised of organizations and individuals working to end sexual assault in Wisconsin. In 2016, WCASA members voted to simplify the membership to only include sexual assault service providers (SASPs) as voting members. Unfortunately, this change eliminated the opportunity for other organizations and individuals to access membership. Based on feedback from stakeholders, this was re-evaluated again in 2021 and a new structure was adopted in 2022 for implementation in 2024.

As we continue to evolve as an organization, we will continue to adapt and change to best meet the needs of all our stakeholders – and ultimately, survivors. We believe these changes allow us to provide better services to all stakeholders, while we continue building a movement. While SASPs are leaders in the sexual assault field, there are many other partners needed in this effort. It is going to take a movement to end sexual violence.

As a member of WCASA, you assure that you support the vision, mission and foundation of WCASA:

  • Vision: A world without violence, oppression, and racism where all people honor bodily autonomy and social justice. 
  • Mission: Creating social change to end sexual violence
  • Values
    • Collaboration and Solidarity – We value the expertise of others and do not do this work alone. We follow the leadership of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and survivors as we build relationships based on trust and accountability with communities and historically marginalized groups. 
    • Liberation and Empowerment – We acknowledge that the origins of this movement began with Black and Indigenous women. We commit to elevating BIPOC voices and embrace transformative justice in our approach. 
    • Healthy Boundaries and Communication – We respect personal and professional boundaries. We value honest, direct, and ethical communication. 
    • Humility and Accountability – We recognize the impact of white supremacy and white feminism evident in our movement. We commit to holding ourselves and others accountable to recognize, mitigate, and address harm as it continues. 
    • Survivor-Centered and Led- We honor survivors as experts in this work. We commit to centering those most impacted by sexual violence and promote survivor-defined healing and justice. 

*See full details about WCASA framework

If you have questions about WCASA membership, please contact Kelly Moe Litke, Associate Director.

Membership Options

The WCASA Membership process was revised to better meet the needs of service providers and other stakeholders. Here is an overview of the changes: WCASA Membership Information. If you would like more information, please contact Kelly Moe Litke.

Sexual Assault Service Providers (SASPs)

REQUIREMENTS:  agencies whose primary function is providing sexual assault services & prevention; commitment to WCASA’s Framework

DUES:  pay annual dues, calculated on agency’s sexual assault budget

BENEFITS:  voting privileges; eligible for training scholarships; free & reduced training registration fees; designated as SASP on website; access to members-only section of website; individual training & technical assistance opportunities; invitations to events


dues calculated based on agency budget for SA services

agency budget annual dues
$0 - $45,000 $300
$45,001 - $100,000 $400
$100,001 - $150,000 $500
$150,001 - $200,000 $600
$200,001 – $250,000 $700
$250,001 – $300,000 $800
$300,001 & over $900
Based on Calendar Year

Partner: Organizations

REQUIREMENTS:  agencies who want to join the movement to end sexual violence; commitment to WCASA’s Framework

DUES:  pay annual dues or donates resources, calculated on type of agency

BENEFITS:  free or reduced training registration fees; designated as Organizational Partner on website (optional); access to members-only support & resources; invitations to events


annual dues
non-profit $300
college/university $500
business/small (under 100 employees) $500
business/large (over 100 employees) $1,000

Based on Calendar Year

Partner: Individuals

REQUIREMENTS:  individuals who want to join the movement to end sexual violence; commitment to WCASA’s Framework

DUES:  donates resources (financial or human) on an annual basis

BENEFITS:  tax-deductible donation; free or reduced training registration fees; designated as Individual Partner on website (optional); access to members-only support & resources; invitations to events


  annual dues
survivor/student free
Individual $100

Based on Calendar Year