Join the movement to end sexual violence

The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault (WCASA) is a membership agency comprised of organizations and individuals working to end sexual assault in Wisconsin. In 2016, WCASA members voted to shift to a hybrid community membership organization, including: Sexual Assault Service Providers (SASPs) and Allies. SASPs are agencies providing core sexual assault services; Allies are individuals and businesses who support WCASA’s work. This change also simplified membership to only include SASPs as voting members.

In 2019, based on feedback from partners, WCASA made the decision to build flexibility into this model, no longer requiring SASPs to provide all seven of the core services. This decision is important for a variety of reasons, including: it is more representative of the diverse needs of survivors; it is more inclusive of all the types of programs serving survivors; it is more equitable for smaller programs, who are not funded to provide all services. Most importantly, it is reflective of our commitment to center survivors (and the programs who serve them) from historically marginalized communities.

As a member of WCASA, you assure that you support the vision, mission and foundation of WCASA:

  • Vision: A socially just world in which all people value equity and healthy sexuality;
  • Mission: To create the social change necessary to end sexual violence;
  • Foundation: To end sexual violence, we must also end all forms of oppression

*See full details about WCASA framework

If you have questions about WCASA membership, please contact Kelly Moe Litke, Associate Director.

Sexual Assault Service Providers
  • Non-profit organizations who provide SA services, have SA as a part of their mission, and are committed to WCASA’s framework.
  • Pay annual dues*, calculated on agency’s budget for SA services. Membership year: October 1 – September 30
  • Voting privileges; eligible for training scholarships; free & reduced registration at WCASA trainings; designated as SASP on WCASA’s website; training & technical assistance opportunities; access to SASP-only resources; representation in state & national lobbying efforts.
  • If you are interested in applying, start by downloading our SASP Membership Application. To answer any questions and check eligibility for your organization, please Kelly Moe Litke, Associate Director.
  • Scholarships for dues are available.
  • See who is already a member