Action Alert: Tell Your Representative to Oppose AB 562!

September 17, 2021 — With only 24 hours’ notice, the Assembly Education Committee held a public hearing on AB 562 earlier yesterday. This harmful legislation would require school districts to provide notice to parents regarding any programming discussing sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression. Parent/guardians could then opt their children out of such… Read more »

WCASA Statement on the Crisis in Afghanistan

During the past week, we have witnessed a humanitarian crisis unfolding in Afghanistan before our eyes. We have long known that women and children are often the first to experience violence, including sexual violence, during times of war and insecurity, and the crisis in Afghanistan is no different. While these events may seem far away,… Read more »

Contact Senator Johnson Today!!

With action on VOCA anticipated this week on the Senate floor, please contact Senator Johnson with the following message: Support Floor Action on the VOCA Fix this week! Vote yes on final passage of the House-passed VOCA Fix bill, H.R. 1652, and vote no on Senator Toomey’s amendment which would kill the bill. Don’t leave… Read more »

WCASA Reaction to the Release of Bill Cosby

While we were extremely disheartened to learn that Bill Cosby’s conviction was overturned on procedural grounds today, our first thoughts are with the brave survivors who came forward to not only report their assaults but to testify in court. To them, and to all survivors, we unequivocally say we see you, we believe you, and… Read more »