The Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault works to build the capacity of professionals and systems across Wisconsin to address the legal needs of sexual assault survivors. This is achieved by:

  • providing legal technical assistance to professionals who work with survivors of sexual assault
  • providing training on various legal issues impacting survivors of sexual assault
  • creating educational resources


  • Please contact Ian Henderson, Director of Legal and Systems Services, to request a training.

Information & Materials

Other Resources

  • LOTUS Legal Clinic - LOTUS Legal Clinic empowers survivors of sexual violence and trafficking. We provide direct, comprehensive legal services, advocacy and community education, and we invest in survivors as change agents.
  • Legal Action of Wisconsin Sexual Assault Victim Rights Project - Legal Action's Victim Rights Project lawyers protect the privacy and other rights of sexual assault survivors. This project is a partnership with Wisconsin Judicare. All crime victims - including sexual assault survivors - have statutory rights, but it can be very difficult to assert and protect them. It's also expensive. That's where our lawyers step in.
  • Legal - The nation's oldest legal defense and education fund dedicated to advancing the rights of all women and girls. For more than 40 years, Legal Momentum has made historic contributions through litigation and public policy advocacy to advance economic and personal security for women.