We suggest the following resources dealing with prevention engagement. If you'd like more information on this topic, please contact Angie Rehling, Prevention Coordinator.


Community Readiness Model – Tri-Ethnic Center at Colorado State University | a tool to measure the level of a community's ability to address an issue and to develop stage-appropriate strategies.

Coalition Building

Developing Effective Coalitions: An Eight Step Guide– Prevention Institute | a step-by-step guide to building strong coalitions and evaluate its effectiveness.

Movement Building for Transformational Change – Bringing Together Diverse Leaders for Connection and Vision, a booklet by Fran Korten and Roverto Vargas | from Yes! Magazine, a booklet outlining how to use authentic communication and common values in order to benefit a coalition.

Transforming Communities – Creating Safety, Justice & Equality: Technical Assistance, Training & Resource Center | technical assistance and various trainings to gain skills and enact policies that prevent violence against women.

RPE Stories from the Field – Safe States | a collection of the SV prevention work going on in several states, including Wisconsin

Ohio's Date to Action Toolkit for Building a Community of Practice – PreventConnect | Ohio Department of Health presents on their data to action framework, describing partnership opportunities for state and local agencies to measure program prevention outcomes

Training Professionals in the Primary Prevention of Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence: A Planning Guide – CDC | a guide to help train professionals in sexual violence prevention.

The Perfect Shade of Change: Resources for Sexual Violence Preventionists Creating Safe and Healthy Communities – NSVRC (National Sexual Violence Resource Center) | packet to help create successful sexual assault prevention workers.

NSVRC Reports:

Year 1 Report on National Prevention Strength and Needs Assessment – first step in a three year process to measure the primary prevention capacity of the sexual violence prevention field.

Year 2 Report on National Prevention Strength and Needs Assessment– second year in a three year process to measure the primary prevention capacity of the sexual violence prevention field.

Year 3 Report on National Prevention Strength and Needs Assessment– final year in a three year process to measure the primary prevention capacity of the sexual violence prevention field.

Community Mobilizing

Also see the Multi-Disciplinary Teams page under Systems

The Community Toolbox– Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas | great resources around coalition building, assessment, leadership, and cultural competence to create healthy communities. Free toolkits accessible.

The Collaboration Primer – The Health Research and Education Trust (HRET) | 2010 guide; a comprehensive document explaining the roles within coalitions and how to progress collaboration; see especially the Network to Collaborate Continuum (pg. 3).

Collaboration Multiplier tool – Prevention Institute | a framework for assessing collaboration across partnerships

Community Mobilization and Primary Prevention – PreventConnect | e•Learning module; registration necessary to receive certificate and access to activities; provides an email group and discussion forum in order to further connect with others and continue the education.

Expanding Community Involvement in Rural Communities – Iowa CASA | webinar outlining how agencies that provide sexual assault services can increase community involvement in rural areas. Provides concrete strategies and resources for advocates.

Be the Solution: How to Turn Sexual Assault Awareness Month into Year Round Prevention – WCSAP | filmed interactive workshop on how to brand statewide awareness campaigns with a call to action and incorporate interactive prevention tools.

How Do We Get Better at Talking About Prevention? Findings and Implications from an Analysis of Sexual Violence in the News – Berkeley Media Studies Group | filmed presentation about how people in the sexual violence field can shift media conversation to focus on prevention


Youth Activist Prevention Toolkit– hosted on VAWNet, a project of FCADV (Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence) | 2011; Toolkit for teenagers to discuss the danger of teen dating violence with their peers and create a social change.

Facing History and Ourselves– Facing History and Ourselves | combats racism, anti-Semitism, and prejudice and nurtures democracy through education programs; resources for educators and professional development. Lessons on topics ranging from mass violence to race in American history.

Prevention Conf. Call – Access to Schools / "Getting your Foot in the Door"; w/ Jessica Kaehny of Hope House | recorded Aug. 30, 2012

Game Plan for Engaging Youth – Health and Human Services | comprehensive guidance on engaging youth in health initiatives

Awareness Campaigns

Start By Believing - campaign by EVAW (Ending Violence Against Women) International

No More– national campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault prevention

1 is 2 Many– Vice President Biden's program to raise prevention awareness

Searching for a Better Future – campaign by Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence