Program Evaluation 101

Introductory explanations of what evaluation is and why it matters

Evaluation Vs. Research

Answers to questions of the differences between program evaluation and research.

Quick Guide

Distinguishing Evaluation from Research (from Unite for Sight)

In-Depth Guide

Research Paper - What is the Difference between Evaluation and Research and why do we Care? - Linked to from the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

Tools and Templates

Program Evaluation: When is it Research? - from Oklahoma State University

Cultural Competency in Evaluation

Information on providing culturally sensitive, safe, and inclusive evaluation.

Common Evaluation Approaches in Sexual Violence

Although there are many ways to frame an evaluation, we will highlight two approaches that are particularly useful for work in the evaluation of sexual violence programming. Please click on the each of them to explore these approaches.

Empowerment Evaluation

Although there are many participatory evaluation approaches, empowerment evaluation places an explicit emphasis on building the evaluation capacity of individuals and organizations so that evaluation is integrated into the organization's day-to-day management processes. Through empowerment evaluation, both individual and organizational evaluation capacity are increased through a learn-by-doing process, whereby organizations and their staff evaluate their own strategies. (Evaluation for Improvement, CDC document)

Quick Guide

Empowerment Evaluation in Theory (from The Evaluation Exchange)

Feminist Evaluation

Evaluation is a tool to bring greater sensitivity to gendered outcomes of policies/programs. A gendered analysis, using 'hard' data as well as field work based studies, can generate evidence that could influence the program. A feminist lens can form part of the different approaches to evaluation. Feminist approaches to evaluation seek to unpack the nature of gender and social inequalities. (Engendering Policy Through Evaluation, International Development Research Centre).

Quick Guide

Feminist Evaluation (Denise Seigart), A Feminist Lens (graphic)

In-Depth Guide

Feminist Evaluations and Gender Approaches: There's a Difference?

Evaluation for Equitable Developmental Results (Recommended: p39 of document, "Strengthening Equity-Focused Evaluations Through Insights from Feminist Theory & Approaches.")

Protecting Human Subjects

When working with human subjects there are certain considerations needed to protect confidentiality and treat participants with respect.

Quick Guide

What is Human Subject Protection? (Excerpts - UW Extension)

In-Depth Guide

Human Subjects Protection and Evaluation (From Building Blocks to Peer Program Success)

Multi-Media Learning

NIH Protecting Human Research Participants (Online Course. *Although designated for research purposes, this information can be useful for anyone doing program evaluation with human subjects.)

Evidence-based Practice

Understanding how best practices are informed by research and where to find evidence-based programs.